10 reasons never to visit Egypt

At the sight of the local sights you can naturally forget how to breathe. The Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the Library of Alexandria, the Karnak and Luxor temples, the Great Sphinx, the Moses Mountain - they remind you of history books, popular Hollywood movies, the dawn of Christianity, and the ancient mysterious beliefs.


Against the backdrop of all these pyramids, sphinxes and temple sculptures you begin to feel like a creature quivering - so they're huge. Do you need it, this dostoevshchina?

Startle, or even real shock - that's the least that can happen to you when you visit some objects of the country. The play of colors in the Color Canyon, the mysterious Blue Hole in Dahab, the Nile River Valley, which is a verdant bush on the background of giant sand dunes, the bizarre formations in the White Desert - be prepared to keep your jaw hanging open while looking at them.


The Egyptians have a secret weapon - the Egyptian massage, which is legendary. When performing it, they use herbs and aromatic oils (which ones are a secret behind the seven secrets), and the technique almost every master has his own. But for these sensations want to return again and again.

In Egypt, you can be so enchanted by the underwater beauty of the Red Sea, that you have a desire to turn into an Ichthyander and never set foot on boring land again.


Egyptian bazaars - this Oriental fairy tale and total devastation in one bottle. From the aromas dizzying, from the calls of sellers ringing in the ears, the motley crowd ripples in the eyes - and here you are, resisting common sense, giving currency for all this diversity, almost without bargaining (and to bargain in Egypt, as you know, is necessary, how!)


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