False Prophets

I wanted to blame society, my family members, those around, but they are only appearances, I would like to call it a Game, the dimensional portal that was opened in the collective thinking, as we went into decline, due to the deadly virus, but it is not just a Game, like Chess, or Space Invaders, much less a sport, it was the human consciousness that was in check, on high we were, a being that emanated its cosmic fluids beyond the rational consciousness said common, broke several barriers, meanwhile news was coming from the televisions, Covid-19 is spreading across Europe, and the young people seeking answers, in one of the most sacred sensations possible that had occurred, it happened some time ago, two years maybe, the current reports, serve also, for those dead, that their spirits were in torment in purgatory and as a reveal and salvation, were materialized, on Planet Earth, very likely to have taken the loved one, but the sensation of the veil being broken and the third heaven being opened, outside a question, that surrounded me for ages in silence, equally, being the center of all human conjectures, served for the fallacy, persecutory mania only for a blind science that desperately tries to stop mass mortality, without questioning the motives, in a mystical and transcendental cause, that breaks the scientific blindness.

We would not limit ourselves to concepts of the psyche, I would like to go back to the previous point, but the resultant is the universal pre-conception, but I would not like to credit guilt to anyone, even because the notary of hell had changed, and it was not words in vain, and soft words that would make me credit confidence, in the point when affirming to be the center of conjectures, you are that from early on, emanated from the divine source, coming from paradise, what he affirmed, was materialized, as simple as faith, until henchmen presented themselves in the faces of faithful and dear friends, until the perceptible moment that men do not accept the sincerity that I had, put in doubt, such a torment you are questioning, because the current science will never explain what happened, in the explosions that we felt, in the heavens at the universe level.

Always a questioner, he left aside crucial facts such as survival and capital aside, knowledge and transformation into wisdom was more important, he asked if wealth is intertwined with intelligence, vain answers came to us, we had to accept the provocations of others, believing to be on a pedestal of superiority, only by carrying a current automobile, this was not the lesson that Christ left for humanity, he could be going against the grain, However, they, the ones who left the material plane, had a mixed memory of joy and sadness, of regret, the secret of death came strong in the doubt that I cultivated, science was silent, the religious treatises were poor, they were yes or no, however, from the fountain of Spiritism I drank, a necromancer I became, some time later the same doubt that was the pillar of knowledge fomentation, was the source of questioning, abominable practices to God.

I would like to understand her, the woman who offered love and fortune, but the paternal love that she worshipped had departed, from a tiny part that my soul also continued to worship, the vices of narcotics, numbed me with love and various drugs, my reason was totally disturbed by emotion, a dose was what I wanted most, and another dose, following the cycle, continuing until I slept, I was lucky because when morning came I remembered the night before, I really believe that God, the superior force in the Universe, had an immense purpose in my life, I would not be able to distinguish until that moment what it would be, but that woman repeated again and again, "- you don't understand," I was really open to dialog, like never before, but to life we owe all the honor in the world, these are private and cautious moments that I would like to consecrate, knowing that I would play by her side and not by the person who was destined to be somewhere on this planet.



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