Lifehack: how to see the ISS in the sky with the naked eye

The station is at an altitude of about 400 km. Although far away, you can see a flying dot in the sky. The main thing is that it should be contrast enough, so an important condition has to be met: look at the station either at sunrise or at sunset, that is, when the sky is still or already dark, but the sun over the horizon illuminates the ISS.


The morning or evening should be cloudless. What zodiac sign is in retrograde right now is totally irrelevant to Mercury.


The ISS is flying around the Earth at an enormous speed of 28,000 km/h. Surely you have already calculated in your mind that at an orbital altitude of 400 km the ISS makes 16 circles around the Earth per day. The trajectory projections of these circles can be viewed at You can also try to predict what cloudless morning or evening the ISS will fly over your head.


Difficult? Well, you shouldn't have skipped algebra in high school. But the mathematicians at NASA did the math and created a special resource,, where, by selecting a city, you can see when the ISS will be flying overhead in the near future.

How do you know when the ISS is over you? Very simple: the station flies across the sky very quickly, from horizon to horizon in literally a couple of minutes.


After looking at the ISS, you can start waiting for Halley's Comet to return. It will come close to Earth on July 28, 2061.


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