Man fought a speed fight with a great white shark

Who among men can challenge the great white shark in a speed contest? Of course, Michael Phelps - the only 23-time Olympic champion and holder of numerous world swimming records in history.


The famous swimmer took up the challenge to fight the formidable predator in the 100 meters as part of the Discovery Channel's "Shark week" project. Phelps used a single flipper to achieve maximum speed. In the end, even the fastest swimmer in history lost 2 seconds to the predator. The shark covered the 100-meter dash in 36.1 seconds.


Of course, Michael Phelps competed not with a real shark, but with its computer simulation. According to the creators of the experiment, to calculate the motion of the shark and its speed used sophisticated mathematical models and calculations, which helped to achieve maximum realism of what was happening.


However, the time displayed by the predator at a distance of 100 meters, raises some questions. Apparently, in the experiment was simulated very lazy shark during a quiet swim: in fact, usually adult white sharks can reach speeds of 50 km / h at short distances during jerks. This means that a shark could easily swim this distance in less than 10 seconds if it wanted to.


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