Netac introduced DDR5 RAM for gaming computers

Netac has announced that it is preparing DDR5 memory modules suitable for high-performance desktop and gaming systems with twelfth-generation Intel Core processors.

Specifically, there will be Netac Basic Series DDR5 family products with capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB. Their minimum operating frequency will be 4800 MHz, power supply voltage - 1.1 V. In addition, it is said to support up to 8400 MHz.

It is also reported that Shadow and Shadow RGB series RAM modules are being prepared. The latter will feature multicolor backlighting. Support for Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles is mentioned, and the frequency could theoretically exceed 10,000 MHz.

The memory modules will get an automatic On-die ECC error correction mechanism. Timings have not yet been disclosed. The products have a built-in power management integrated circuit (PMIC) for precise data transfer and improved power efficiency.

Prices for the modules and their kits will be announced by the developer at a later date.


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