Traces of a civilization unknown to science discovered in Tibet

Traces of a civilization unknown to science were discovered during a survey of the Namtso Lake area in Tibet. This became known on Monday, October 4.


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A scientific archeological expedition in China has found ancient petroglyphs, stone tools and tombs. Scientists are convinced that these artifacts indicate the existence of a mysterious ancient nomadic civilization in that area, CGTN reported.


In the north of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, the expedition found a cluster of petroglyphs. The drawings are believed to have been authored by ancient nomads who were in close contact with other ethnic groups.


For instance, the petroglyphs display motifs characteristic of the ancient Chinese. These nomads performed sacrifices, but scientists have yet to find out who exactly this ancient civilization worshipped.


Archaeologists believe there was a mix of different cultures in the study area because the Namtso Lake area is right on the ancient Silk Road.


On September 17, it became known that archaeologists from Turkey have discovered a mosaic 3.5 thousand years old. The artifact is a tiled floor with geometric structures.


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