The fantasies of desire

"If you want to be able to bear life, be prepared to accept death!" "The energetic and successful man is the one who manages to turn the fantasies of desire into realities." "Great things can manifest themselves in small signs." (Sigmund Freud).

Irresponsible waiting. Waiting for the Other with a capital A. Expecting the Other to fulfill one's destiny. To hand over to the Other his trembling self. Giving the Other his free will. To disengage from oneself. To manage one's existential anguish by relative transitivity, making it mathematical by forcefully adapting all the basic contextual postulates. Without any reflection. The automatic mode is de rigueur or if I may be so bold.

The automatic is king. The economy of tasks, the quality of life gaining in reassuring idleness. Welcome to the era of the robotic man. This man connected in autopilot mode reassured by the resemblance and the reaper uniformity.

This uniformity that reduces the field of possibilities annihilating cognition through behavior. No need to think before acting. The unbridled action is the main sublimatory management of anguish today. Man shoots faster than his shadow (Pierre Dac) rushing on standards to gain in automatisms and in economy of his humanity. The more man saves his regressive self, the more regression runs away. Mirrored behaviors, humanity recomposed in identical subversive images, redundant à la carte values renewed in a discourse chanted in unison where the watchword is well-being, better yet physical and mental wellness. A long TO DO list valid for all from birth to death. Although birth is already a death.

Cognition has no place, we have thought for ourselves. It would be a waste of time. Home a waste of energy and refocusing on oneself hardly allows it. Refocusing on oneself, meditating, thinking organic and eating organic, therapizing the man in alternative.

An alternative that seduces giving a consonance of power in the absurd, the human continuing to fight against the absurdity of his existence (Albert Camus). In vain. Cognition is an aborted superior function, useless if not in an automatic mode of directed learning or imposed interoceptive memorization. Strategic ? Man thinks himself and thinks he is, only to realize, after half a century of technological lights, the extinction of his lights. Look at the TV programs for children and teenagers. To cry.

Imagination and creativity are derision and insult for children's brains in disproportionate capacity to sponge the subtle. The neuronal apoptosis in adolescence has to behave well because there will not be much left at its passage. The imagination weaves in boredom. But the boredom is a defect for the anguished parentality of its offspring; this one fills the boredom to fill its own sidereal emptiness. The man would not exist without the imaginary. The imaginary one is the basic postulate of the creativity. Of the art. The art of living, of feeling, of dreaming, of inventing, of creating, of sublimating, of healing .... Imagination is more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited. "(Albert Einstein).

We no longer walk this tightrope between the animal and the superman. It is useless. The distance having been too long, man 2.0 has preferred the automatic mode and the technological sub-human has allowed the human economy. (F. Nietsche).

The only mode of cognitive learning that is currently all the rage is coping, easy and absurd. Automatic, insidious and narcissistic to the extreme. Man has killed God. Far from being merciful on the other hand. He has become his own deity and models himself as a single deity. The same Ganesh standards, a reassuring standard of sovereign image. If in our societies, the race is to the unique feminine attribute of the pulpy curve of the lips and the standard Ferrari buttocks, others a little more in advance regressive tend towards the standard of transgender unicity. The representations of the "superman" of the photographer Phillip Toledano still exposed in Milan are very telling (that we can since the gender is also a distinction that fades towards the same tangent of indifferentiation man/woman or man/man or woman/woman.

This existentialist pivot that is the image in postmodernity is the very agony of this century. For the good as for the evil, we undergo more than ever the action of the image; it escaped us and took the reins. (Gaston Bachelard). We have unconsciously but consciously reproduced the best of worlds. A made-to-measure world where the Other is me and where any quest for the grail is useless because the grail is mass produced and available made in China. A slow suicidal behavior despairing but an exquisite agony where all Freudian entities will be denied in a total analytical cleavage. The Other is me.

"I don't want comfort! I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.

[I demand the right to be unhappy" (Huxley).


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