Luxury Christmas Saltines With Swarovski Pearls and Lindt Chocs

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* Unwrap a glorious present with the Extravagance Christmas Wafers With Swarovski Valuable stones 


* Opt to similarly join an amazingly cheerful Lindt chocolate in every saltine also 


* Prizes are made with valuable stones from Swarovski Diamonds for that extra lavishness contact 


* Reveal gleaming gifts that could consolidate a pendant embellishment, a reindeer decoration or bands 


* There's furthermore key chains, bottle openers, a pen and a container stop available to win 


* Please see Full Nuances for a once-over of gifts available inside the saltines 


* Choose from a lot of 2, 6 or 12 saltines 


* With prizes proper for a wide range of individuals 


* Includes 3 particular strip tones so you can adjust them to facilitate with your table setting 


Buying Decisions: 


* £12.99 as opposed to £34.99 for a 2-Bunch of Wafers (With Chocolates) - save 63% 


* £24.99 instead of £99.99 for a 6-Bundle of Saltines (No Chocolates) - save 75% 


* £27.99 instead of £199.98 for a 6-Bundle of Wafers (With Chocolates) - save 86% 


* £49.99 instead of £199.98 for a 12-Bundle of Wafers (No Chocolates) - save 75% 


* £52.99 instead of £199.98 for a 12-Bunch of Wafers (With Chocolates) - save 74% 


£4.99 transport charge per voucher through gogroopie official site for obtainment. 


Fine Print 


* P&P is £4.99, £6.99 or £7.99 per voucher 


* UK focal region movement figuratively speaking 


* Please license up to 7 working days for transport 


* Excludes Channel Islands and Scottish High nations 


* Voucher is significant multi month from purchase 


* Original regard endorsed on 24/09/2021 


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