Types of Gallantry Awards in india

Gallantry Awards are presented to the personnel in the forces for bravery and valour.

The Gallantry Awards that are conferred in India are as follows

1.Param vir chakra

2.Mahavir chakra

3.Ashoka chakra

4.Kirti chakra

5.Vir chakra

6.shaurya chakra

Major facts about Gallantry Awards. 

The first 3 Gallantry Awards in this category that came into existence after independence are Param Vir chakra ,Maha vir chakra,Vir chakra.

These Awards are conferred in twice a year on Republic day and Independence day. 

The other 3 Gallantry  Awards were introduced in 1952.Ashoka chakra class I,Ashoka chakra class II,Ashoka chakra class III.Later, they were named as Adhoka chakra, kirti chakra and shaurya chakra.


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